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Research Into Sight Loss and Depression

Rhiannon, and her colleague, Nathan Bray were health economists on the DEPVIT study funded by guide dogs in to the link between sight loss and depression.
The study has revealed that nearly half of people attending NHS low vision clinics for help with sight loss suffer from symptoms of clinical depression – but they are not being diagnosed or given the treatment they need.

According to the Depression in Visual Impairment Trail (DEPVIT), 43% of people who lose their sight go on to battle depression, however NHS low vision services focus only on the physical need, and psychological screening or therapy is not yet an integral part of rehabilitation. The study also found that of those who screened positive for depressive symptoms almost three-quarters (74.8%) were not receiving any treatment for their depression.
Currently just two low vision services in Britain regularly screen patients for depression.

You can read the entire paper here