Out at sea1

Sports and Activities

boatsailingrteblackberrypickingfavouritehorsephotocariad• Rhiannon was a sixth form student at Atlantic College, St Donats in South Wales between 1983 and 85. Atlantic College is one of the “United World” colleges which encourage outdoor activities (please see LINK). She learned to sail dinghies as crew. She continued her interest in sailing at Aberystwyth University Link to Atlantic College enjoying crewing despite the fact that her sight was deteriorating.
• Since childhood Rhiannon has enjoyed horse riding. She says: “One of the most difficult experiences in my journey through sight loss, was the day in my thirties when I realised that I could no longer hack out safely in a quiet rural part of Anglesey without a guide.” She has benefitted enormously from having friends who share her passion for riding, and has recently been joined by a Bangor University student. Rhiannon says “It is not about seeing obstacles, but rather solutions which will enable you to do and achieve the things you want to do. Beth needed a place to keep her horse, and I needed a guide. Out of a mutually beneficial and totally non-financial arrangement we are both continuing to enjoy our riding enormously”
• Continuing her love of all things nautical, Rhiannon has recently joined Beaumaris Rowing Club Beaumaris Rowing Club. There are a growing number of rowing clubs around the coast of Wales, rowing and racing the traditional xft welsh longboats. Rhiannon says “This is the perfect sport for a person with visual impairment as we row backwards – as long as the cox can see where you are going you’re OK! The rowing club have been very welcoming and I am delighted to find a sport which enables a person with visual impairment to participate in the mainstream (no pun intended)”. Rhiannon and her daughter Non, also a rower, particularly enjoyed the 20 mile row up and down the Conwy river in October 2015.